Cabot PH 38 Fibreglass Yacht Made by Yachtsmiths International in in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot PH 38 Fiberglass Yacht fabricated in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot PH 38 Fiberglass Yacht Kits Made in Nova Scotia Canada

Cabot 38 Specifications
Cabot 38 Photo Gallery
Purchasing a Cabot 38 Yacht
Building a Cabot 38 Yacht with a yacht kit
Cabot 38 Owners Group - Chat, buy and sell your Cabot
About Yachtsmiths International of Nova Scotia Canada

YachtSmiths International Boat Builders

Ted Brewer Yacth Design

Dudley Dix Yacht Design

The Society of Navel Architects and Marine Engineers

Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Assocation

Official Bruce Roberts North East Agent

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Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ted Brewer explains stability - from Good Old Boat and Boat U.S.

Ted Brewer explains keel design - from Good Old Boat and Boat U.S.


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Cabot 38 Bluewater Cruising Yacht

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