Cabot 36 Fibreglass Yacht Made by Yachtsmiths International in in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot 36 Fiberglass Yacht fabricated in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot 36 Fiberglass Yacht Kits Made in Nova Scotia Canada

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Purchase a Cabot 36 Classic

F.O.B. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

The Cabot 36 Classic may also be purchased as a Kit.
For further details, click here.

Kit 1
Includes, Hull & Deck this option is the bare bones package.
Kit 2
Includes Hull Deck plus installed 29hp Yanmar engine shaft prop, installed 5,500lbs lead ballast and custom steel cradle.


If you are interested in purchasing a Cabot 36 Classic or have additional questions
about the Yacht, please contact YachtSmiths International.

All prices are in Canadian dollars (unless otherwise specified)
and do not include delivery or applicable taxes.
* US and UK price is provided for comparison purposes only.
Actual US/UK price will fluctuate with the rate of exchange
between the US dollar/Pounds Sterling and the Canadian dollar.

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Cabot 36 Bluewater Cruising Yacht

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