Cabot 36 Fibreglass Yacht Made by Yachtsmiths International in in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot 36 Fiberglass Yacht fabricated in Nova Scotia Canada
Cabot 36 Fiberglass Yacht Kits Made in Nova Scotia Canada

Welcome to Cabot 36 Classic web site The history of the Cabot 36 Yacht and its rebirth

We believe that the Cabot 36 Classic is an exceptional boat. Its time-tested design has proven itself over and over for the past thirty years in almost every ocean on this planet.

There are approximately 50 Cabots scattered around the world and we hope that enthusiasts of the Cabot will use this site to tell their stories and share there adventures.

We invite individuals interested in purchasing a Cabot to view the Specifications and Buying sections. A variety of options are available to meet your needs and budget.

If you are interested in selling your Cabot on the Cabot 36 Classic web site, we will be pleased to post your information at no charge. Please email us with the details and photo, if possible, and we will place it in our Second Cabot section.


Cabot 36 Meltemi


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Cabot 36 Bluewater Cruising Yacht

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